This Is The Right Way To Do SEO – The History Of My Site

I had a plan and that was to build a site that the Search Engines (Google in particular) would love. I purchased the domain on September 15th 2015. A couple of days later I had it hosted. I then proceeded to build the site following Google’s best practise and added one page of content. Initially I was targetting the search terms seo bundaberg and seo hervey bay. By September 20th the site had been indexed in Google and on September 26th it was ranking on page two @ #17 for seo bundaberg and #10 for seo hervey bay. I added several more pages and on October 15th the whole site was indexed.

By October 8th my first back linking campaign had completed and on October 11th the site was ranking high in Yahoo and #1 in Bing for the search terms seo bundaberg, seo hervey bay, seo maryborough, seo childers and seo widebay. My Google rankings had improved by late October and seo bundaberg was @ # 11 and seo hervey bay @ # 7. It generally takes a few weeks for the results of a back linking campaign to have a positive affect on the rankings.

The second back linking campaign completed on October 27th and as is normal with search engine optimisation campaigns the ratings fluctuate. Today December 1st seo bundaberg is @ # 12 and seo hervey bay @ # 2. As is the case with sites that follow Google guidelines the site is starting to rank for more search terms. At # 2 hervey bay seo, # 15 search engine optimisation bundaberg, # 5 search engine optimisation hervey bay and # 5 hervey bay search engine optimisation.

More to come…………