mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

If you are going to rank highly in the mobile search results you will be a need to make changes to your website so it’s friendlier to mobile users. You have to be aware of the factors Google uses to assess the mobile friendliness of your website so you can make the appropriate changes.

Mobile devices are different from desktop PCs, the obvious difference being the screen size of mobile devices and to make a site go from being not mobile friendly to one that is requires a professional assessment to determine which factors are in play before I reconfigure your website accordingly so that it becomes mobile friendly. Common problems with sites being not mobile friendly include the text is too small, content is wider than the screen or links are too close together. Desktop users use keyboards and a mouse, while mobile users touch the screen of their smartphone or tablet and your site needs to be compatible for all devices.

Mobiles Are Cheap

Phones and mobile devices are now rather affordable and many people own one and of those that don't have one are looking to buy something. The use of mobile devices has increased exponentially during the last few years. Today it is important that your customer can access your site quickly and easily on their mobile.

Many People Are Using Them

You have to keep in mind that the latest surveys indicate that millions of adult Australians use mobiles for surfing exclusively. That doesn’t count the millions more who use desktop PCs at home but also use mobiles for surfing when they’re on the road. And these numbers are increasing each year. If you use the Internet for your business, then you cannot ignore the number of mobile users when working on your web design.

Positive Results

There are no negatives about having a mobile friendly site. Your site will rank better in Google Mobile Search and from April 21st 2015 sites that were mobile friendly got a boost to their rankings because Google prioritised mobile optimised websites in their search results and demoted those that were not.

When your site becomes mobile friendly you will almost certainly notice an increase in visitor numbers.