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Off Page Search Engine Optimisation

For most people, the concept of SEO is usually about making changes on their web pages to rank high on Google. But only a few are aware of how SEO can be improved by some tactics implemented outside their website’s pages. These methods are collectively known as “off page SEO”. In general, this type of SEO involves having a link to your website featured on other websites. This link increases awareness of your brand among the visitors of those other websites, and it also drives more traffic to your website. Google also takes note of these links (also known as back links), and depending on their number and quality, they can improve your website’s ranking in the search results.

Utilising A Blog

A blog offers your visitors the opportunity to interact with what has been posted on your site. There are a few ways to do this and it depends on what format your site is. If you have a Word Press site it can be set up to allow visitors to comment on what you have written and you can have a conversation with a prospective or current customer.

If you have an html site you have at least two options. You can start a blog at Blogger or elsewhere and have it link back to your site, or you can add a Word Press blog to your site. This is my preferred method and it then poses the following questions. What do I blog about? How often should I post? What if you am not a competent writer (like me)? The more you write and people respond to you the better you will get.

Marketing Through Forums

Forums are websites where people discuss topics and subject matters related to the main topic of the forum. It’s where people discuss news regarding advances and new products, share opinions, and offer comments. You need to be very conservative with your anchor text if you are posting in forums.

You’ll need to find the most popular website forums related to your website niche. Then you’ll also have to ascertain whether you can feature a link to your website on their pages. You’ll have to engage others on various threads, offer expert opinions, relevant comments, and useful answers to questions to establish your credibility and reputation. All these things will require much time and effort and there are better ways to get not just back links but better quality back links.

Using Videos

While your website can feature videos to provide useful content for your customers, you can also post these videos on other websites to direct traffic to your website. Knowing what you need to do is one thing. Doing these things correctly and fast to generate positive results is another matter entirely. For that, you’ll need professional assistance. By getting a pro to do your off page SEO for you, you won’t have to waste too much time on research and SEO implementation, and you get better results while focusing your efforts on other aspects of your business.