on page optimisation

On Page

If you want to improve your rankings on Google, one of the first things you need to do is to make sure your page is optimised correctly. Google uses automated tools known as bots to evaluate websites and if you are not providing the Search Engines with the basic requirements they want you are making it harder for your site to climb to the top of the rankings.

Title Tags

The title tag is the title of your page which is what Google displays on its search engine results page which are commonly referred to as SERPs. Your title tag is the bolded blue line at the top of your listing in Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will need to use a title tag that tells the search engine bots, as well as people searching what your page is about. We can help with the title. Once you have the right title tag for your page not only will the search engines rank your site higher but it will also encourage your target customers to click on your link.

Meta Descriptions

These are the snippets of text that appear underneath the title of your site when it’s displayed on Google, Bing and Yahoo. With the right description, you can encourage surfers to click on your link to find out more about what you feature on your website. This is not just a simple description, the influence of this short snippet of text can be greater than you can imagine. Almost half of all people who click on a particular website from the search results do so solely on the basis of the meta description.

Image Tags

The images you feature on your website can also help with your SEO. But you’ll need to tag them properly with the right keywords, so that they can help your Search Engine Optimisation. We can help with Image tags. They may also appear on Google’s image search results and that can funnel even more visitors to your website.

Frequent Google Changes

What some people fail to understand is that Google doesn’t stand still. It constantly makes changes to how it evaluates millions of websites so that the search engine can rank them according to their relevance to the keywords. Just because your site is first on the search results for a particular keyword now doesn’t mean that it can keep the same ranking after Google implements these changes. SEO has never been about setting it and forgetting it, and I don't think it ever will be. Some of the changes Google implements are minor, but a few are truly major changes that can alter the entire landscape of Search Engine Optimisation. Some websites who depend on Google for their website traffic have discovered just how costly it can be when such a major change causes them to drop from #1 to #30. If this has happened to your site you have probably been hit with a Google penalty. There are two common Google penalties, one is for breaking the on page rules which usually can be fixed. The other penalty is for off page infringements and this is normally due to your back links.

Making changes to your site to fix on page SEO can be very technical and time consuming, and that is where www.seowidebay.com.au/contact.html come in. We are professional SEO providers that know what is required, as well as how to rectify the problem and will do so promptly and in a way that will save you a lot of trouble and expense.