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Social Sharing And Marketing

There are several different social sites and they all work differently but the principal is the same and that is to get back links to your site. We have social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter where you post or tweet and you hope to get some interaction with other folks. And there are more such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ where you engage with people who have viewed what you posted then commented on it.

These social networks have huge amounts of users just as Google does, and they can really impact your traffic. Facebook has become even more popular today, and it is the medium of choice for people to interact with their friends. YouTube is also a massive success and very effective for marketing. People are also sending and receiving tweets, getting Instagram images, sharing Pinterest photos, networking on LinkedIn and connecting via Google Plus.

The Benefits Of Social Media

One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is that it can be very effective in boosting your website traffic. This is done in two ways. First you can directly attract more visitors to your site by providing links on these social networking platforms. Secondly, it can help your ranking in Google and this boosts your traffic as well.

These sites that encourage social sharing also allow you to increase awareness of your brand among your potential customers. With your efforts, you can enhance the authority level of your brand and perhaps even encourage others to talk about your brand in their circles. And once people become your customers then staying connected with them through social media can truly cement their loyalty to you.

A Blog Is Social Media

Do not confuse social media and social networks. A social network is a site where people interact with each other. Facebook and Twitter would be the most popular of these by a long way.

Social media on the other hand is social interaction that revolves around some form of media such as videos on YouTube, pictures on Pinterest and blog posts. Yes blog posts you can write and publish. Interaction on blogs encourages other websites to link to yours. You will need to arrange your posts effectively so that people can find and navigate through them easily. Get this right and you are on the way to increasing your standing in your local community, which in turn improves your local SEO.

Today a blog is a platform for information that should encourage interaction, therefore focus on information for your reader while mentioning yourself on occasions is fine.